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Popular Outstation Cab Routes From Hyderabad


PackageVehicle Options & PricePlaces you will visitAction
Hyderabad Sightseeing Option 1
  • Sedan (Swift DZire Equivalent): ₹3500
  • Ertiga 6 Seater: ₹4000
  • 7 Seater Innova: ₹4500
  • 7 Seater Innova Crysta: ₹5500
  1. Charminar
  2. Salarjung Museum
  3. Chowmahalla Palace
  4. Nehru Zoological Park
  5. Golconda Fort
  6. Birla Mandir
  7. Hussain Sagar Lake
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Hyderabad Sightseeing Option 2
  • Sedan (Swift DZire Equivalent): ₹3500
  • Ertiga 6 Seater: ₹4500
  • 7 Seater Innova: ₹5000
  • 7 Seater Innova Crysta: ₹5500
  1. Ramoji Film City (Full Day)
  2. Sangi Temple


  1. WonderLa
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Hyderabad Sightseeing Option 3
  • Sedan (Swift DZire Equivalent): ₹4500
  • Ertiga 6 Seater: ₹5000
  • 7 Seater Innova: ₹5500
  • 7 Seater Innova Crysta: ₹6500
  1. Yadagirigutta
  2.  Surendrapuri
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Hyderabad Sightseeing Option 4
  • Sedan (Swift DZire Equivalent): ₹3500
  • Ertiga 6 Seater: ₹4500
  • 7 Seater Innova: ₹5000
  • 7 Seater Innova Crysta: ₹6000
  1. Statue of Equality
  2. Puri Jagannath Temple
  3. Chilukuri Balaji Temple
  4. Peddammathalli Temple
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Hyderabad Sightseeing Option 5
  • Sedan (Swift DZire Equivalent): ₹4500
  • Ertiga 6 Seater: ₹5500
  • 7 Seater Innova: ₹6500
  • 7 Seater Innova Crysta: ₹7000
  1. Saraswati Temple, Wargal

  2. Badrinath Temple, Hyderabad
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Hyderabad To Srisailam 1 Day Tour
  • Sedan (Swift DZire Equivalent): ₹7000
  • Ertiga 6 Seater: ₹9000
  • 7 Seater Innova: ₹10000
  • 7 Seater Innova Crysta: ₹14000
  1. Mallikarjuna Temple
  2. Bramarambika Devi Temple
  3. Sakshi Ganapathi Temple
  4. Paladhara, Panchadhara
  5. Hatkeshwar Temple
  6. Srisailam Dam
  7. Paatala Ganga
  8. Octopus View Point
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Hyderabad To Srisailam 2 Days Tour
  • Sedan (Swift DZire Equivalent): ₹9000
  • Ertiga 6 Seater: ₹12000
  • 7 Seater Innova: ₹13000
  • 7 Seater Innova Crysta: ₹16000
  1. Mallikarjuna Temple
  2. Bramarambika Devi Temple
  3. Sakshi Ganapathi Temple
  4. Paladhara, Panchadhara
  5. Sikharam, Srisailam
  6. Hatkeshwar Temple
  7. Srisailam Dam
  8. Paatala Ganga
  9. Octopus View Point
  10. Srisailam Tiger Reserve
  11. Ropeway, Srisailam Boating
  12. Akha Mahadevi Temple
  13. Chenchu Lakshmi Museum
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Cab services in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, blends its rich historical heritage with modern technology, earning it the titles “City of Pearls” and “Cyberabad.” This dynamic city is renowned for landmarks like the Charminar and Golconda Fort. Hyderabad’s transportation system includes buses, the Metro, and trains, but the city’s cab services stand out as a popular and convenient choice. With traditional taxis  like GVR Cabs, Hyderabad offers diverse cab options. These services, accessible through user-friendly mobile apps, ensure competitive pricing and efficient travel. Cab drivers are well-versed in the city’s routes, navigating through traffic with ease. This extensive cab network not only caters to the commuting needs of the locals but also provides a hassle-free experience for tourists, enabling them to explore Hyderabad’s attractions comfortably. Hyderabad’s cab services serve as a crucial link, enhancing the city’s accessibility and allowing residents and visitors alike to traverse the city conveniently while enjoying its historical marvels and modern advancements.

Cab options in Hyderabad

GVR Cabs presents a wide array of Hyderabad car rental options catering to various needs. They offer a comprehensive selection of vehicles, including hatchbacks, luxurious sedans, as well as spacious options like Innova and tempo travellers, which are perfect for accommodating groups. Each car in their fleet is equipped with air conditioning and undergoes regular cleaning and maintenance, guaranteeing excellent service quality.

Taxi services fares in Hyderabad

At GVR Cabs, we understand that passengers have different preferences when it comes to choosing a taxi service. In Hyderabad, we strive to provide competitive and transparent car rental fares. Our aim is to offer a wide range of options that cater to diverse needs, including affordable hatchbacks and roomy tempo travellers suitable for larger families. Our pricing policy is simple and transparent, ensuring that our taxi fares in Hyderabad are both economical and easy to comprehend. With GVR Cabs, you can have peace of mind knowing that there are no hidden charges, and you only pay for what you see.

Cab service in Hyderabad

To fulfill the diverse travel requirements in Hyderabad, GVR Cabs offers a range of taxi services. These services are categorized into three main options: outstation trips, local full-day and half-day trips, and airport transfers. We understand the importance of meeting various needs and strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience. With over 15 years of impressive industry expertise, we have extended our services to cover more than 2000 cities. This expansion reflects the quality of our packages and services, as well as the trust and satisfaction of our valued customers.

Hyderabad outstation cab services

GVR Cabs provides an extensive range of taxi options in Hyderabad to fulfill your outstation travel requirements. Whether you need a one-way drop or a round trip services, we have got you covered. Hyderabad’s advantageous location ensures that there are always new destinations for you to explore during your visits, including Warangal, Kurnool, Papikondalu, and Nalgonda. Our outstation cabs in Hyderabad are not only convenient but also highly cost-effective, with rates starting as low as Rs. 9 per kilometer. Additionally, we also offer one-way drops from Hyderabad to popular destinations like Bidar, Nizamabad, Srisailam, and more. Book your taxi service for a hassle free travel to & from Hyderabad.

Local cabs in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, a vibrant city with numerous captivating attractions, offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. GVR Cabs recognizes the significance of a comfortable and convenient local sightseeing experience, which is why we provide the option to rent a local cab in Hyderabad. Our flexible packages are designed to cater to different needs, including hourly bookings with options for half-day cabs lasting 4 hours or 40 km, as well as full-day cabs with choices of 8 hours/80 km or 12 hours/120 km. GVR Cabs is renowned for offering high-quality yet affordable cabs in Hyderabad. We are committed to delivering excellent services at competitive rates, ensuring that you can have a memorable experience without compromising on comfort or budget.

Airport taxi in Hyderabad

Transfers to or from Hyderabad’s city center can be challenging, considering factors such as long queues and time constraints at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, located 24 km away from the city center. However, GVR Cabs provides a solution to overcome these inconveniences with our airport taxi services in Hyderabad. By booking an airport taxi with us, you can enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable journey to or from the airport. Our utmost priority is to ensure your convenience and make your Hyderabad airport transfers as seamless and smooth as possible.

Popular Cab Packages from Hyderabad

GVR Cabs, a prominent taxi service provider in Hyderabad, presents a wide range of cab services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We offer flexible itineraries and the option for multi-city trips, allowing you to plan your travel seamlessly. Our cab packages can be tailored to your specific requirements, and you are only charged for the actual distance traveled. With no upfront charges for additional kilometers, we ensure a hassle-free and transparent experience. Our cab service in Hyderabad is designed to provide convenience and accessibility, offering comfortable and affordable rides around the clock. Whether you need transportation within the city or to nearby cities, GVR Cabs is committed to making your journey easy and enjoyable.

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Travelling out of station is made easy with the help of taxi services for outstation from Hyderabad

Who does not like travelling? Every once in a while, a person decides to take a break and travel their surroundings. They might go out with their family or friends. Or in some cases, someone would be required to go out of their town for business

purposes. Whatever may be the reason, there are plenty of times when you require to travel out-of-station. While there are many flights scheduled to different cities of the country, at times you may be unable to book a flight. The same applies for trains. It can be a real struggle to book your tickets at the end moment.

This is where taxi services for outstation from Hyderabad comes in handy. They are businesses that provide a taxi for you to travel from one place to another. They have different types of car with them and you choose to hire anyone of them. Along with the car, they usually provide a skilled driver who can make your journey smooth. Thus, road trips have become easier.

To learn more about such businesses all you need to do is search for taxi services for outstation online.
Benefits of availing taxi services for outstation Taxi services for outstation Hyderabad has helped many people in travelling between two places. When one avails their services, they enjoy the following benefits:

• No need to drive yourself: One of the main advantages of using a taxi service for out-of-town travel is that you are not required to be the designated driver. Instead, you may relish the experience of riding along as a passenger. Had you
not booked such services, you would be required to drive for long hours on your own without having the time to enjoy with your friends, family or simply in your solitude. Most cab drivers will provide privacy to their customers to ensure they aren’t disturbed during the drive.

• You can choose the type of car you want for travel: Most of these businesses have a large variety of cars available with them for hire. Depending on your situation and your budget, you can choose the type of car you want. Whether
you want a small one or a large one, it all depends on your preference.

• Cost-effective solution: In some circumstances, using a cab instead of driving your own car might be more economical while travelling outside of the city. When taking into account expenditures such as petrol, tolls, parking fees, and car maintenance, using a taxi service, particularly for lengthy journeys, may be more cost-effective.

• Flexible services: Taxi services for outstation can be quite flexible. They can pick you from your doorstep. They can also drop you at your doorstep. You can also choose where you want the taxi to stop and where you want it to take the detour. Deciding the route of travel is completely in your hands. These businesses offer one-way trips and round-about trips as well.

• Comfortable e journey: Taxis often have comfortable seating, air conditioning, and plenty of legroom. They are also well-maintained with regular cleaning and servicing. This guarantees a relaxing and pleasurable ride, especially when you are on a long journey.

Drivers: To ensure you reach your destination on time and safely, such businesses offer professional drivers with their cars. These drivers are well aware of the various different routes. They make use of GPS as required. Follow the safety rules and ensure you have a pleasant drive.

Time saving: You may save time by using a taxi service since you won’t need to bother about looking for parking, refuelling your car, or figuring out the route. Since the drivers are in charge of all these details, you are free to concentrate on your business or leisure pursuits while travelling.


Types of services offered by taxi services for outstation

There are ample services offered by taxi services for outstation in Hyderabad that make your travel expeditions convenient. If you want to know more, we have listed down some of these services for you to have a look at:

• You want to get to the airport and are struggling to get a cab or other transportation and are at risk to miss your flight. Why risk this situation when you can avail of airport transfers from outstation cab booking services. These are a seamless solution that won’t cause you delays and ensure a smooth transition to and from your destination.

• For travellers looking for flexibility and freedom in their travel plans, the one-way taxi service is a very popular choice. Whether you are heading to a new city for work or are exploring multiple destinations, this is a service that you can opt for. With this service, you don’t have to worry about the need to return to your starting point.

• Round trip services is one of the more classic services offered by outstation cab services. It’s a very convenient and straightforward solution for travellers or people in general who are on the lookout for a round trip from their origin to the destination and back. It’s preferable for short getaways, work trips, and weekend trips, allowing you to return to your starting point without the hassle of booking different transportation services.

• For your vacation plan that needs you to cross state borders, interstate taxi services come to the rescue. Professional taxi services for outstation near me are popularly known to offer permits and expertise for seamless interstate travel. These services take care of all the necessary logistics and documentation for you so that you can travel hassle free.

• If you are planning to travel to multiple destinations across multiple cities, it’s best to opt for multi-city outstation taxi services. This services allows you to travel through all the locations in a single trip which makes it ideal for travellers
who love exploring multiple places in one go.

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Outstation Cabs Hyderabad

GVR Cabs Hyderabad is the best way to get around Hyderabad or out of Hyderabad. Fully safe, affordable outstation cabs in Hyderabad by GVR Cabs for all your transit. GVR Cabs offers verity of outstation cabs to book cabs nearby your location for best fares. For Outstation taxi service in Hyderabad at lowest fares, say GVR Cabs! we are the leader in Outstation Cabs in Hyderabad. more than thousands of cabs with well trained pilots with excellent track record are ready to service you at your door step.

Choose from a range of Outstation AC cabs, fares starting at  Affordable one way and round trip packages. Now book online . Go out of Hyderabad with GVR Outstation Cabs. Booking a cab for inter-state travel has never been this convenient. With GVR Outstation Cabs Hyderabad get a ride within 1 hour of booking or book up to 1 month in advance


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Outstation Cabs Near Me

Your Outstation cabs is just a click away, GVR Cabs are always near you.

On time reporting, safe driving, extremely polite and respectful driver. Plan your outstation trips only with GVR Cabs Hyderabad. Wherever You Go We Have The Cab For It! Hyderabad’s premier operator of outstation taxis and is highly valued by customers


Cheapest Outstation Cabs in Hyderabad

No hidden charges, get your estimation before ride.

Why pay for one way  journey when you are traveling just one way out of Hyderabad. Choose your one-way Outstation travel package and ride away!


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